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Soul Survivor is a Christian organisation that runs events to encourage young people to live out a life of worship and see Jesus' love and grace impact them and their part of the world.

stewarding team

stewarding team

‘My team mates were awesome. I'm astounded at how much work goes on behind the scenes. It never occurred to me that people actually have to vacuum the big top. I'm glad I was able to do my part. Ultimately though, its all for God's glory, and it has been an honour to serve Him.’
Steward Week C 2011

The stewarding team is a unique opportunity to work behind the scenes at Soul Survivor, from stewarding the main meeting to changing signs on the information points. This team does a variety of jobs all over site and the smooth running of Soul Survivor depends on their hard work.

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As a steward you will be placed into a small team splitting your time between stewarding the main meetings, looking after the venues (this includes health and safety checks, opening the venues, monitoring delegates) and being a part of the site crew! This small team, some great steward managers and the use of the steward’s lounge mean that you will soon become part of the Soul Survivor stewarding community.

It is a hard working but extremely satisfying team. You will witness some amazing things that you wouldn’t usually because you’re checking the venue of a seminar you would never have gone too, patrolling a village that isn’t yours or simply walking round the main meetings during the worship. Experience Soul Survivor in a completely different way whilst letting a whole bunch of delegates you have never met enjoy it for the first or eighteenth time!

You will have to supply your own accommodation but in return for your hard work you will get a free place at the event and all your meals (beginning breakfast day 1 to the evening of Day 5) – what more could you want!

How old do I have to be?

The minimum age is 18.

What will my days look like?

No two days will ever be the same. Stewards work on three different shifts – a morning shift starting at 8am -2pm, afternoon shift 12-6pm and an evening shift 6pm -12am (please note these times are approximate and may change). Your team will then be split into one of the three working areas described above. There is also a daily stewards meeting with worship and a chaplain who meets with the team to pray with you. As a steward you will work around 10 hours a day on a rota but this does allow for breaks!.

When will I need to be on site?

Day 0 (the day before the event starts) – midnight Day 5! There’s a meeting on Day 0 at 7pm for the stewarding team where you’ll meet your lovely steward managers and pick up your wristband! You will need to have set up your tent and already eaten before you come the meeting.

Week B you will need to be on site Day 0 by 2pm. You will receive an evening meal.

Do I need anything extra to be on this team?

Willingness to try anything and some enthusiasm!

Ok you’re interested, but how do you apply?

You can apply online using our booking system. If you haven't done so already you will need to register with our online system, then login. Book a place on the event of your choice and choose the option to book as a team member. It’s completely free to volunteer with us so won’t have to give any payment details.

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Stewarding team manual...

Download...Download the Stewarding Team manual...

Download the manual to get the full scoop on what the Stewarding team is all about and what they are expected to do.

This is the guide that we send to all those who sucessfully apply to be on the Stewarding team so it's worth checking out before you consider applying.

Which weeks are available?

Teams can fill up quick, so here's what events we still need volunteers to help serve on the Stewards team!

Soul Survivor Week A: 24th - 28th July, Stafford

Soul Survivor Scotland: 1st - 5th August, Kinross

Soul Survivor Week B: 15th - 19th August, Somerset

Soul Survivor Week C: 21st - 25th August, Somerset

Momentum: 27th - 31st August, Somerset

Any questions?

If you have any questions about serving on team then drop us an email at or give us a buzz on 0303 3331 333, we'd be more than happy to try and help you out!

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