Worship is at the heart of all we do at Soul Survivor. Jesus said the most important command is that we love God with all our hearts and there are loads of ways we can show God our love, especially through the way we live our lives. When we gather together we sing our praises to tell God how amazing he is (just like we read in the Bible that God’s people have done through the ages) but we think this is more than just singing songs. We believe worship is a place where we can draw close to God and be intimate with him. Often as we focus on who God is and all he’s done for us, we find that we receive more of his love too.

We’ll be updating this page with resources, new songs and thoughts from Tom and the team so do keep checking in.

If you want to check out some of the worship from 2015, have a watch of the live music videos below.

Young Worship Leaders Day

We recently hosted an equipping day in Watford and you can check out the teaching here.

Song Chords

We loved worshipping with you guys this summer and we've had loads of requests for a list of new tracks so we've compiled this list for you with links to some chord charts.