If you’re not familiar with us, we put on a range of events for young people, youth leaders, and for the whole church, to help people deepen their relationship with Jesus and grow in the ministry and power of the Holy Spirit. Make yourself at home and take a look around our site to discover more about our summer conferences and the other events we run.

Each summer we run four Soul Survivor events which last five days and this year we have a brand new Naturally Supernatural event which will last six days. In 2016 we welcomed around 26,000 young people over our events including our last Momentum for 20s and 30s. The rest of the year we keep busy with lots of other events such as weekends away, equipping days and Saturday celebrations (see ‘other events’). Plus we run Soul Action to put God’s heart for justice into action, and SoulNet to support and encourage youth leaders.

We run events because we’re passionate about seeing people meet with, and be changed by, Jesus. We’ve often found that as we focus on God he does incredible things; he meets us where we’re at, and we are changed. At our events we always give space for three things:

Times of sung worship, teaching from the Bible and times of prayer ministry.

We also recognise that being a Christian and following Jesus isn’t something we do on our own. We put on events to encourage one another in our walk with God and to develop relationship and community with each other. For this reason our events often have loads of space just to hang out with each other and have a laugh!

We hope that Soul Survivor events help us all to encounter God in our daily lives so that we can be equipped to follow Jesus and be like him no matter what we face. Although we love to run events and find that people seem to love to come along to them, the events are not an end in themselves, but a way of inspiring and equipping us all to live like Jesus in our everyday lives.