Tim is from the sunny countryside in The Cotswolds and moved to less sunny, but still lovely, Watford in 2014. In his spare time, Tim stunt doubles for Spiderman and runs with Forrest Gump. He is part of our production team and has been called a “really nice guy” by Queen Elizabeth II (apparently).


Andreana is originally from California and has been working at Soul Survivor since 2002 as part of our worship team. She's had three babies in less than two years, loves Indian food and once sang backing vocals on an X Factor single!


Andy is married to Beth and they have three little boys called Josiah, Judah and Caleb. When he’s not occupied with dad-duty, Andy’s busy co-pastoring our local church Soul Survivor Watford.


Ali was born in Blackpool and has been at Soul Survivor since 1998! She's part of our leadership team and has a major love of pick n mix and disaster movies. She is married to an Aussie, has two lovely kids and used to own a pet chicken.


Be moved from Cardiff in 2011. She is married to James, loves chocolate in all forms, and by 8pm can often be found in her PJs watching a 90’s action movie! Be has a wonderful laugh that has often been compared to Woody the Woodpecker!


Dave is a mountain of a man in the finance team who lives with his wife in Welwyn. He loves films, reading and can usually finish a Rubik's cube.


Duncan is from just down the road from the offices in sunny Rickmansworth. He joined the team as Executive Director at the start of 2014. Fun fact… Duncan once had trials to play football for England!


Hannah joined the Soul Survivor team for ten months but liked it so much she’s still here three years later. She looks after our kids work in the summer (and would love you to volunteer to help out!) but her real talents lie in Instagram themes and drawing really straight lines freehand.


Huw is from Wales and has been part of our production team since 2012. He has big dreams to build his own house one day, but based on how long it's taken him to build some small pieces of furniture, it won’t be for many years!


Jake is part of the trading team; overseeing all things Toolshed related. He's originally from Battle but moved to  Watford for the banter. He notably won Battles got talent in the early noughties’ for his interpretation of Souljaboy.


James is originally from Stafford the home of Week A. He is married to our very own Be, is part of our Communications team and has watched The Hobbit more than anyone else in the world (apparently).


Josh grew up on the Suffolk coast and is married to Nikki. He works on our conferences and is usually your first contact when you call or email us. He shares a love of football and crisps with Gary Lineker, who is his third cousin once-removed in-law (apparently).


Kate not only looks after all things café, merchandise and exhibitors, but is also the world record holder for the highest blindfolded pool dive (unverified). When she isn’t pool diving her time is usually spent eating pineapple and hanging out in the Kent countryside.


Liza is originally from Watford so didn't move far when she joined the communications team as a writer in 2005. She loves reading and writing books, and is a big fan of blossom and blue skies.


Lizzie comes from Birmingham and moved down to Watford in May 2012 to join the media team at Soul Survivor, meaning that she spends a lot of time behind a camera. She can hum and whistle at the same time and knows the whole of Home Alone 2 off by heart.


Lydia hails from St Albans and works as part of our Conference team. She is prone to clumsiness, likes to sing loudly in the car and is a big fan of Holly Willoughby.


Along with being the king of bad jokes, Mike heads up all that we do here at Soul Survivor and our associated church Soul Survivor Watford as well as travelling around the world to tell people about Jesus. In his spare time, he loves to cook, watch West Wing on repeat and ‘beat’ Andy at squash!


Sacha is part of the conference team. She loves Lego, fun facts and animals, often she can be found out on the high seas sailing. She would really like a horse so if you're feeling really kind you could buy her one!


Tom is our worship pastor and recently released his second EP, 'Everyday’. He is married to Susi, dad to his little boy Sonny, supports Spurs and loves salted caramel ice cream!