Small changes can make a big difference

I was recently given a fantastic opportunity to head out to South Africa for a week at the beginning of May so that I could help do some filming for Soul Action, to capture a glimpse into the lives of those who are living in some of the poorest communities in Durban. Even after numerous […]

Transformed by experience.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had one, but there are those moments in life that hit home and break our hearts, or make us realise there is a better or different way to live. Moments of clarity on how life really is. I have met a lot of people who have ventured overseas to […]

His power is made perfect in weakness

I absolutely love it when you have those moments when God just speaks to you at precisely the right time. At the end of May I went away for two weeks to be on the ministry team in California with my church and for the most part of it, I really felt like God just […]

Hope Bristol

In April 2018 500 young people joined us in Bristol to take part in a citywide mission, under the banner of HOPE Bristol! It was an amazing opportunity to serve alongside local churches and organisations and bless the local community and it was so great to see all that God did. If you would like […]

Durban 2017

We had a wonderful time in Durban, South Africa in 2017, where around 100 people joined us to work with local churches and organisations; have a read below for some testimonies. Testimonies My eyes were opened and instead of feeling anger and despair at the poverty around me, I felt a peace and an eagerness to […]


It’s Shrove Tuesday, which means pancakes, pancakes, pancakes! It also means Lent is about to start and along with it talk of fasting. It’s easy to feel pressured to give something up or to feel guilty if you don’t so we thought we’d take a quick look at what Lent is all about so we try […]

God with us

Scandal. Suspicion. Slaughter. Not the usual words you associate with Christmas. But because we see it through the filter of the whole story (and perhaps because we don’t want to make small children cry) we sanitise what happened. We read about a pregnant virgin and know that Mary wasn’t lying. We don’t have to worry […]


If you feel called to leadership in the area of musical worship, the Soul61 Leadership Course is for you! Within the course, you will be developing your leadership skills at the heart of Soul Survivor Watford. Joining one of two streams, either worship or leadership, you’ll be involved in church life as well as various […]

Leading a ministry time

We love spending time in God’s presence at our Naturally Supernatural conferences and we have a passion to encourage the church to move more and more in the ministry and power of the Holy Spirit. Mike and Andy have a book called ‘Everyday Supernatural’ coming out that you can pre-order here and we’ll be posting […]

Learning to lead

Have you ever heard someone learning how to play the violin? It’s an adventure for everyone’s ear drums! As the bow moves back and forth over the strings, the screech sends shivers down everyone’s spines. But slowly, as they spend hours practising in their room, the sounds become beautiful, relaxing and graceful. After they have […]