I’m a big believer that God wants to give each of us dreams about the things he wants to do through us to bless others. But here are six mistakes that are easy to make when it comes to thinking about dreams:

I’m a big believer that God wants to give each of us dreams about the things he wants to do through us to bless others. But here are six mistakes that are easy to make when it comes to thinking about dreams:

1. We ignore them
We think it’s safer not to dream – why would God want me to be a part of his plans? How could he possibly use me with my past/brokenness/mistakes/sin/circumstances? The truth is God will use anyone who says they are up for it and will say yes to his ways! There is nothing you’ve done that disqualifies you so ask God to share his dream with you for your life.

2. We borrow someone else’s
I have lots of friends who are amazing speakers, pastors and worship leaders and they all have great vision about seeing people set free and in deeper relationship with God. I love that but I don’t have those gifts. I struggled with finding my place because it looked so different to theirs. In lots of ways it can be easy to look at someone else’s vision and think it’s better/more Godly/more fun but we have to follow the things that we are called to. Let’s allow God to speak to us about the unique way he’s made us, with our own combination of passions and gifts, and how he wants to use us to bless others.

3. We reject them
There are lots of reasons we try and reject God’s plans. Sometimes they seem too big but if your dream is small enough for you to control and make happen by yourself, it may not be a dream from God. God loves it when we show our faith in him by allowing him to work in our lives and make the impossible possible. On the other hand we sometimes reject dreams and visions because they seem too small. We overlook the little things that God is asking us to do because we’re too focussed on the big picture and are waiting for our moment in the spotlight when we need to learn about serving in the hidden places. Don’t miss out on opportunities to love and serve others no matter how small they seem; this is the most fertile soil we could hope to find ourselves in.

4. We think they’ll happen smoothly
God has given us a dream! We’ve said yes! It’s all systems go, isn’t it? Well… maybe not. When we look at the Bible, it’s rarely that straight-forward. Take Joseph. Most of us know what happened after his dream about his brothers all bowing down to him: he was sold into slavery, falsely accused of rape and thrown into prison, all before he started the many years serving Pharaoh that would ultimately see his brothers coming to him for help. Don’t think that setbacks mean you’re on the wrong path – things may be harder than we’d hoped and they may even go spectacularly wrong, but we need to keep going.

5. We think they’ll happen quickly
I’ve made this mistake with every single thing God has spoken to me about – I’ve thought it would happen in my timing. It turns out that God isn’t in as much of a rush as I am. He is far more interested in meeting me on the journey and refining me along the way than he is in about hitting any sort of speed targets. We have an obsession with doing things straight-away; God doesn’t, so let’s let go of our timescales and trust him in the journey.

6. We think they’ll make us happy
Seeing a dream fulfilled is an amazing thing but don’t be fooled: it’s not the key to happiness. It’s God who makes us happy while we’re pursuing our dreams, when they’re coming true and when they’re not. Let’s never get so fixated on the things God wants to do in our lives that we miss his presence in our lives. He is the one who brings joy and nothing else can touch that.

I hope this encourages you to listen to God for his dreams for your live. Don’t buy a cheap dream that you can achieve alone or that promises instant results. Pursue God for his plans. Ask him what he’d like to do through you to bless others. Hang on in there if things get tough. Allow God to pick you up when you fall down. Keep going and always, always, hold on to God.

Liza Hoeksma

Liza is part of the Soul Survivor Comms team and a freelance writer. She has a written a couple of books you can buy in our shop including Heart to Heart with Ali Martin and When Faith Gets Shaken with Patrick Regan.