Invite one!

Inviting your mates to church can be scary can’t it? Will they laugh? Think you’re trying to shove the Bible down their throat? I’m not very good at it but I desperately want the people I love to know the God I love.

Our church recently started something called ‘invite one’. It’s pretty simple: invite one person to one event over the year. Even I can do that! We’ve categorised all of our events depending on whether they are purely social, have some spiritual content or are primarily spiritual, and that helps us to think about who in our lives is ready for which type of event.

Have a think about your friends and family – maybe write a list of the people you’re praying will come to know Jesus. Who on that list might be up for a social and who might be ready to find out a bit more about God? Who showed an interest when you told them about your last youth group activity or about your time at Soul Survivor last summer?

One of the highlights of Soul Survivor is seeing people give their lives to Jesus for the first time but those people only come if you ask them! Over the next few months we’ll be praying that God speaks to you about who you could invite to come. We’re longing to see hundreds and thousands meet with Jesus because he has changed our lives and we desperately want others to know him too. Let’s pray for wisdom over which events to invite which friends to and boldness to ask; let’s pray they would be open and responsive. They might say no and that’s OK – no harm done – but they might say yes and take one step closer to God. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Here are some of the encouraging stories from people bringing their friends to the summer:

I bought my best friend to week C two years ago. She didn’t know Jesus, was self-harming and had anorexia. She was worryingly under-weight. At Soul Survivor she gave her life to Jesus and has been walking with him ever since. She is so full of life and has got her weight to where it needs to be. Praise Jesus!

I became a Christian in 2009 at Soul Survivor B when I was 14. I was brought up in a Christian home, yet my faith was a ritual and not a relationship. At Soul Survivor I felt God’s unconditional love and I gave my life to him as a response. Since encountering the love of God, I have had a passion to share it with my friends, and have committed to praying for them every day. God has been answering those prayers! In 2010, two of my non-Christian friends came with me to Soul Survivor, and they came to know God. This year, four more of my non-Christian friends came along with me to Soul Survivor! It was such a blessing to witness God revealing himself to them, stirring their hearts, and them all growing to love and worship God. They are now all joining my church youth group, so that their faith will continue to be fed and grow! Soul Survivor is a fantastic place to bring my friends to show them that Christianity is not irrelevant and boring, but alive and exciting. It changed my life, and has changed the lives of my peers as well, which is the most exciting thing in the world.

I had so much fun at Soul Survivor! My two best friends gave their lives to the Lord and experienced God for the first time. God worked in so many people’s lives; it was amazing!

I gave my life to the Lord on Friday! It’s been amazing, I felt the Holy Spirit in me and learnt a lot about myself! I love Jesus, all my friends and youth leaders and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Just got home after giving my life to Jesus on the third night – I’ve never felt better!

It was the most amazing week! On Day One, four of my youth group gave their lives to Jesus and on Day Five a further two made this commitment! Now our whole youth group have made the choice to live for Jesus – incredible! Now we are all ready to live for Jesus daily – thanks be to God.

Liza Hoeksma

Liza is part of the Soul Survivor Comms team and a freelance writer. She has a written a couple of books you can buy in our shop including Heart to Heart with Ali Martin and When Faith Gets Shaken with Patrick Regan.