None of us enjoy talking about dying – even those of us who know we will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus! But God asks us to be diligent with our finances, and making plans for what happens to our money and assets when we die ensures our values are upheld. By leaving a donation to Soul Survivor in your Will, you will be investing in the lives of young people and in the future of the Church – what an incredible legacy to leave!

How to leave a legacy

If you wish to leave a legacy to Soul Survivor, you will need to make a Will and provide your solicitor with the following information: our registered charity number in England and Wales is 1080720 and our registered office is Unit 16 Paramount Industrial Estate, Sandown Road, Watford, Hertfordshire WD24 7XA. You are under no obligation to tell us if you choose to leave a legacy to Soul Survivor, but we would be very grateful if you could let us know. Please contact our Supporter Communications Team via email.
If you don’t yet have a Will and would like to use a Christian solicitor you can visit the Association of Christian Law Firms website.

Types of legacy

There are different types of legacy:

A residuary legacy involves leaving all or part of your estate to Soul Survivor, after tax and provision for your loved ones. You may give the whole remainder to a particular person or organisation (such as Soul Survivor) or you may apportion the residue between several beneficiaries.
This is the most preferable type of legacy.

A pecuniary legacy allows you to give a specific sum of money to Soul Survivor, set by you. Be aware that the value of a pecuniary legacy will decline over time because of inflation.

A specific legacy is a gift of a specific possession to Soul Survivor (such as a piece of jewellery, shares or a house) or the proceeds from the sale of such an item.

Please speak to your solicitor about the type of legacy you would like to leave to make sure it is accurately reflected in your Will.