Just become a Christian? That’s amazing! But what does it mean? And what do you do next? This series gives you some thoughts from Mike & Andy on the gospel, the Bible, worship, prayer, church and mission. Get stuck in!

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What next? - Gospel

You’ve become a Christian – that’s AMAZING! But what have you done?! Mike & Andy give a quick overview of the good news about Jesus and what it means to have a relationship with him.

What next? - Bible

Why is it important to read the Bible? Andy gives us some thoughts about why we need to regularly read the Bible and how it helps us draw near to God, hear his voice and know the truth about who he is no matter what’s going on in our lives.

What next? - Worship

Trend Elective (aka Mike & Andy) take a look at what worship is really all about. Is it about singing? Or banging saucepan lids?! Can we worship while doing our homework or watching a football match? And how do we worship God when life is hard?

What next? - Prayer

Mike and Andy sitting in a tree… oh hang on a minute, let’s not get distracted. This video is about prayer – how we talk to God and how we hear him talk to us. What should we pray about? Where and when can we pray? Take a few minutes to find out more.

What next? - Church

Why does Church matter? Is there such a thing as a perfect church? Is church a building or a body? And what’s it for? (Please note that no Greek men were actually harmed during the making of this video.)

What next? - Mission

God is passionate about us living out our faith in our words and in our actions. So how do we tell people about Jesus? What does it mean to stand for justice and how is that related to our faith? Mike and Andy take a spin and give you some thoughts.