Durban 2017

We had a wonderful time in Durban, South Africa in 2017, where around 100 people joined us to work with local churches and organisations; have a read below for some testimonies.


My eyes were opened and instead of feeling anger and despair at the poverty around me, I felt a peace and an eagerness to go and make a difference. I have returned to the UK a changed person, more passionate and eager to get to know Jesus better and my faith feels more alive than it ever has.

I felt I was at a crossroads myself before I went to Durban, I wasn’t sure about Christianity or the church anymore. It always felt far away and like it didn’t understand me. But I was proven wrong in Durban, the church was there for me from the moment I arrived and what it is doing all over the world is inspiring.

God turned all my head knowledge into heart knowledge – I feel him so much more!

It was amazing meeting people whose faith in God seems to defy their circumstances and seeing how God is working steadily in dark places. It really helped me understand what sacrifice for his Kingdom really means.

I feel like God changed my heart through my time in Durban.


2015 Highlights

We also had a brilliant time in Durban in April 2015 working with our friends at LIV Village. It was a privilege to be there, to get involved in kids clubs, to play sports, to hang out with the LIV families, to be a part of the Easter sunrise service and to build a new home for a family whose house had become inhabitable. We loved working alongside the LIV team and proclaiming God’s kingdom in our words and actions. Check out the video to see some of the highlights of our time.

Soul Survivor