Soul Action is the part of Soul Survivor that exists to help all of us do something about issues of poverty and injustice; to serve the least and the lost without ever giving up hope. We believe that Christians are called to shine like stars in the darkness and to bring the liberating life of Jesus to all those made in his image.

Below you’ll find resources from previous Soul Action summer campaigns including Slum Survivor, Different Shoes and Free 2 Play. We’ll keep you updated with new plans this summer!

Our Prayer

We wrote this prayer to express our desire to submit to God and commit to seeing injustice end. We’d love you to pray with us.

Lord, I want to listen to you. I want to obey you, to bring change, to speak up against injustice, to see an end to slavery. I will say against injustice: not in my town, not in my country, not in my world. I will celebrate you Jesus. The light has come in the darkness, and the darkness can not overcome you.

By your light we will; Innovate, bringing Holy Spirit solution to world problems. Educate – we dream of building a school to: Create. Collaborate. Motivate. Cultivate. Elevate. Liberate. Together. To start a ‘change reaction’. To see a ripple become a wave.

I will weep. Pray. Challenge. Be challenged. Obey. Act. Give. And go. Father I pray, unleash your Holy Spirit in me that I would help bring your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.