The purpose of Soul Action is to help those connected with Soul Survivor develop a deep commitment to Gods heart for justice and the poor. We do this through teaching and resources, and then providing effective ways of putting that teaching into practice.


Check out the video for our 2016 campaign above.

We hope to see a generation of game changers rising up, who are taking an active role in following God’s call and helping to restore justice and bring his love to a broken world.

We believe that every individual has the ability to make a difference. We want to see God-given potential released in both ourselves and in others around the world who don’t currently have the opportunities we do. We are supporting educational projects in South Africa where many children currently miss out on learning because of their race, wealth or location. We invite you to join with us, to dream big and to be a game changer!


Looking ahead, Soul Action will be working in the following ways:

1. Supporting education projects in South Africa – primarily through supporting Soul Action South Africa, both in their current education support in townships, but also as they seek to develop a multi-cultural, multi-social school.
2. Working to end modern slavery – we will be supporting IJM through the likes of ┬áraising awareness, prayer and action.
3. Signposting short term opportunities to work alongside ministries working with the vulnerable and disadvantaged
4. Supporting young social entrepreneurs in the U.K. as they develop their ideas for impact on social need. We will identify a small number of individuals with potential in terms of both ideas and character and support them with coaching, training and small grants to raise up a new generation of social entrepreneurs.