This Lent instead of giving something up, why not take something up? 40 Actions to help you walk into greater freedom?

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Lent.

Some years, I love it – It feels challenging but doable like the year I decided to give up chocolate. Relatively easy if I’m honest… I felt pretty good about myself because I did all of the 40+ days and I got to enjoy a whole egg on Easter Sunday. Pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Then again, some years, it sucks.

Some years I pick something really hard to do – like two years ago when I tried to give up caffeine. Now, this was hard. I lasted a good, hmmm… three days I reckon before I succumbed to the headaches and exhaustion. What a failure I felt. Couldn’t even hack a full week, never mind the 40 days. Giving up caffeine; this I hated.

Then last year I was chatting to a friend of mine who suggested that a better way to look at it might be to turn it on its head. So, rather than give something up, I should take something up. Start something new, or do things in a new way.

Well, that is an interesting I thought… err, thought to myself.

Don’t give up, take up.

So, with that in mind, that’s our challenge to you this year. We want you to TAKE UP a new thing, we want you to start living a new way; to take up freedom and to come with us as we attempt to pursue freedom in every area of our lives this Lent.

Join us for #LiveFreeLent.

We’ve broken it up in to three areas:

#BeFree – helping us find freedom in our own lives.

#ActFree – helping us to live out that freedom to the fullest within our community and relationships.

#SlaveFree – helping us to choose to buy and pray differently, to seek freedom for the enslaved around the world.

Some of the challenges are simple. Some aren’t. But each will help set us free, lead us to find freedom, to find more of the life of fullness that Jesus calls us to.