If you feel called to leadership in the area of musical worship, the Soul61 Leadership Course is for you! Within the course, you will be developing your leadership skills at the heart of Soul Survivor Watford. Joining one of two streams, either worship or leadership, you’ll be involved in church life as well as various conferences and events.

We want to develop your gifting, sensitivity to the Spirit and desire to meet with God. There will be loads of time given to being creative, writing songs, and improving your musical ability. Throughout the course there will be opportunities to lead worship and much of the training you will receive will be very practical. This is certainly not an invitation to lead worship on the main stage at Soul Survivor but is a chance for you to grow, be stretched and trained.

Each week on the leadership course is different but one of the things that stays the same each week is teaching. Two days a week, you will have teaching on a variety of topics from leaders in many areas around the church, such as Andy Croft, Mike Pilavachi, Ali Martin, Jeannie Morgan, Chris Lane, David Westlake, Graham Cray and Mark Greene.

A number of modules will be covered throughout the ten months these include: an overview of the Bible; Introduction to the New Testament; communication; leadership; praying and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit and apologetics. Don’t worry if studying is something that you struglle with! The teaching is intended to be robust and of the highest quality but our hope is that it will set your heart on fire, not just give you a headache!



Tom Smith